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Woman receives kidney from a cadaver - still working after 42 years!
To read this story, click here:  "Britian's Longest Surviving Kidney Transplant Patient Celebrates Her 42nd Year"
Great news for the future!
"Artificial Kidney Could One Day Eliminate The Need for Dialysis"
For the story, click here
- Great Video -
For nformation on  
Kidney Swaps/ Paired Exchanges
see the video:
"Kidney Swap Helps Overcome Donor Shortage"
To view the video, click here
Have a potential donor but is not the right blood type?
You can get a kidney from ANY blood type
at Cedars Sinai Hospital of Los Angeles' special Incompatible blood type program! 
For link to their program with more info, click here.


This page is for those in Need of a Kidney or in Need of a Liver donor

If you are considering kidney or liver donation,  and need more info go to the

 "DonateAKidney"  or the DonateALiver tab of this website

For those seeking a Liver donor:  See the bottom of this page for info on that.  Being that liver transplants are rare compared to kidney transplants, I am going first go in depth on this website on info for those in need of a kidney.

The following info is for those in need of a kidney:   As you know, there is a great shortage of kidneys.  People who are in need of a kidney are encouraged to have family members tested first - children, siblings, parents, other relatives, and possibly friends and other acquaintances.


There have been numerous articles about my kidney matches.  Unfortunately, I already have a list of a lot of people in need
of a kidney and can't add anyone at this time to this list!  It breaks my heart to tell you this!!!  When anyone gets in touch with me regarding a kidney - at least 99.9% of the time it is from people who NEED a kidney - not from anyonewho wants to donate.  I have other very desperate people who are in need of a kidney and it is so heartbreaking I can't help all!!!  So - sorry I can't help anyone new, right now.   )-:  I am flooded with e-mails and please forgive me if I don't get back to you on time or at all.  )-:

However, if you encounter anyone who is interested in donating a kidney, but is hesitant for whatever reason  and would like to speak to other people as myself who has already donated a kidney, please have them get in touch with me.  I would be happy to speak to them.   Click on the "contact us" tab above.

Do you have a possible kidney donor, but is not a match or not the right blood type?  What you can do:

1. Put that potential donor who is not the right blood type or a match into the kidney swap program at your hospital.  The most common swap program that hospitals are associated with, is the National Kidney Registry.  This swap program is also known as "paired donation."    Your potential donor who is not a match, will go through the whole testing process as any kidney donor..  Once cleared, the potential donor will enter the National Kidney Registry & this organization will find a donor who is a match for you.  And your donor who was not a match for you will donate to someone else in the swap program instead.  It is a very successful program!

2. Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles - This hospital has an incompatible blood type program.  Your potential donor may be able to donate a kidney to you at this hospital despite not being a compatible blood type or a match!  My nephew donated a kidney at this hospital to someone who's blood type was not compatible to his.  His recipient did very well, despite my nephew not being a match!  The recipient had to have treatment of IVIG & plasmapherisis before the transplant to make it my nephews kidney compatible.  It wasn't a big deal for the recipient.  It wasn't a lot of treatments.   The recipient did extremely well, thank G-d.  And her createnine,  5 years later is still very low! 


                                                                                              *   *   *   *


If you would like to have an event to find yourself a donor & would need a speaker, please contact me!  Depending on your location - I may be able to get a kidney donor to speak at such an event, that will hopefully inspire others to donate.

                                                                                              *   *   *   *

If you have had family members, friends tested but have been ruled out to donate a kidney for health reasons, you can contact me  and I will add you or that person in need of a kidney to my list.  However, please note:  I have though many people on my list of people in need of a kidney and unfortunately may not be able to help out that person in need of a kidney in the near future, depending on the blood type of the person in need of a kidney, location, etc.

I am hoping though this website will encourage others to donate a kidney or liver, so more lives can be saved!

P.S..  A must read article for those who have family members who are in need of a kidney, "Talking Increases Kidney Donation."  This article states:  "Get-togethers with a kidney disease patient's family and friends can improve their willingness to consider donation., The findings indicate that group-education of patients' relatives and friends is an effective way to help alleviate the organ shortage and increase living donations.  To read this must read article, click here.                                         
                                                                                                   *    *    *    *

                                                                       Important Articles for those in need of a Kidney:

* We all know how important exercise is for each and every one of us.  Young and old.  And for those in need of a kidney as well.  See this article, rightfully titled, "Exercise Extends Life of Kidney Patients".  Click here for the article.  Please note:  Before anyone
starts an exercise program, they should consult with their doctor.

* There is a screening test that measure's whether a patient's heart is healthy enough for a kidney transplant, and is not as dangerous as once thought.  To read this article  "Heart Test Found Safe For Pre-Transplant Kidney Patients".  For the article, click here.


*  For those who have not had yet a kidney transplant, there is an interesting article on a drug to help you lower rejection rates and better kidney function:   "Best Post-Transplant Drug Regimen Identified for People with New Kidneys."  For the article, click here.  Note: Consult with your doctor.

For those in need of a Liver donor:

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