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                                                                                         For those in need of a kidney
                                   (If you are considering kidney donation,  and need more info go to the "DonateAKidney" tab of this website)

    As you know, there is a great shortage of kidneys - from cadavers or living donors.  People who are in need of a
    kidney are encouraged to have family members tested first - children, siblings, parents, other relatives, and possibly
    friends and other acquaintances.

    There have been numerous articles about my kidney matches.  Unfortunately, I already have a list of a lot of people in need
    of a kidney and can't add anyone at this time to this list!  It breaks my heart to tell you this!!!  Unfortunately, when anyone
    gets in touch with me regarding a kidney - at least 99.9% of the time it is from people who NEED a kidney - not from anyone
    who wants to donate.  I have other very desperate people who are in need of a kidney and it is so heartbreaking I can't help
    all!!!  So - sorry I can't help anyone new, right now.   )-:  I am flooded with e-mails and please forgive me if I don't get back to
    you on time or at all.  )-:

    However, if you encounter anyone who is interested in donating a kidney, but is hesitant for whatever reason  and
    would like to speak to other people as myself who has already donated a kidney, please have them get in touch
    with me.  I would be happy to speak to them.   Click on the "contact us" tab above.

    Also, if you have someone who has tested for you, but wasn't a match, if that person is willing to donate a kidney
    to someone else through the National Kidney Registry  the National Kidney Registry will try and find someone else
    to donate a kidney to you or your loved one.  They have a large database of potential kidney donors and will only try to find
    you someone else, if you have someone who was not a match for you and willing to donate a kidney to someone else in their
    database.  They will not have the person who was not a match for you donate a kidney to someone else, unless they first find
    someone who is a match for you and will donate a kidney to you.  This is a great organization that will greatly increase your
    chances of finding a match.  For more information on the National Kidney Registry, check out their website:  www.
    kidneyregistry.org.  There are other organizations as well that may be somewhat similar.  For a list of organizations see
    below.  Or if you would like more in depth information, and to find out about which hospitals have been involved with kidney
    donor exchange programs, check the National Kidney Foundation website - www.kidney.

    Angeles -  this great hospital does incompatible blood type transplants!   Your donor does not have to have a compatible
    blood type to you!  For more information about this great unique program - contact Cedars Sinai. Note:  My nephew donated a
    kidney at this hospital.  He was blood type AB and was able to donate his kidney to someone blood type B and the transplant,
    thank G-d was very succesfull!

    If you have had family members, friends tested but have been ruled out to donate a kidney for health reasons, you
    can contact me  and I will add you or that person in need of a kidney to my list.  However, please note:  I have though many
    people on my list of people in need of a kidney and unfortunately may not be able to help out  you or that person in need of a
    kidney in the near future, depending on the blood type of the person in need of a kidney   

    I am hoping though this website will encourage others to donate a kidney so more lives can be saved!

    P.S..  A must read article for those who have family members who are in need of a kidney, "Talking Increases Kidney
    Donation."  This article states:  "Get-togethers with a kidney disease patient's family and friends can improve their willingness to consider
    donation., The findings indicate that group-education of patients' relatives and friends is an effective way to help alleviate the organ
    shortage and increase living donations.  To read this must read article, click here.                                         
                                                                                                *    *    *     *   

                                                                             GREAT HOPE!

                                       Artificial Kidney May One Day Replace Dialysis!

    The University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) researchers unveiled a prototype model of the first implantable artificial kidney, in a
    development that one day could eliminate the need for dialysis. To read the article, "UCSF Unveils Model For Implantable Artificial
    Kidney To Replace Dialysis",  click here.

                                                                               IMPORTANT ARTICLES!

    *A woman needed a kidney, but had 2 problems.  One was her husband wasn't her blood type.  He was blood type B and she was
    blood type O.  And two, she had a hyperactive immune system, lupus, which would attack and destroy the donor tissue.  However, her
    husband was able to successfully donate a kidney to her.  To read their story, "Getting Her Body To Accept His Kidney." from the
    website, Asia One. For the article, click here.

    *  A Transplant Matching System has increased patients' chances twofold. To read this article, "Doubling up on Kidney
    Donations, from the website Star Tribune, click here.

                                       IMPORTANT NEWS REGARDING THOSE WHO HAVE
                                   HIGH ANTIBODY LEVELS AND ARE IN NEED OF A KIDNEY

    * New desensitization treatment, in particular for those who have high antibodies and have a difficult time finding a match.  
    More information on this article, "New Hope For Patients Who Need Kidney Transplants", from the Los Angeles Times,
    website.  For the article, click here.    For a similar aritcle with audio -  click here:

    Have you or someone you know who needs a kidney,  had a previous kidney transplant and have a problem finding a match
    because of your high antibody levels? An important article to read about advances about this problem that was in the New
    York Times a while back. This article talks about drugs to lower antibody levels to expand kidney transplants.  The
    treatment may be possibly a good alternative to plasmapherisis and is called IVIG. (Intravenous immunoglobin.)  To read the
    article that talks about this, click on "Advances Expand Kidney Transplants"    Website:  www.nytimes.com
                                                                             *     *    *     *  

                    Great news regarding those who are in need a kidney and hoping to get a kidney

    Someone who contacted me from the USA and  is in need of another kidney, informed me that he had a previous kidney transplant
    from a cadaver, and that kidney lasted him for 33 years, which is also considered very good.

    Harvey Brown, received a life-saving kidney transplant 30 years ago from his brother and he is still doing great!  To read
    this latest article, click on  "A New Lease On Life" - Jerusalem Post, January 15, 2009.  Website:  www.jpost.com.

    Information on Dialysis treatments:

    Home Dialysis -  "At Home Dialysis Gives Kidney Patients Good Results and Flexibility".  Click here for the article and video.

    Portable Dialysis Machine -  "Kidney Patient Promotes Dialysis To Go"  Click here for the article

    Better Dialysis  - New study:  In  a one-year study of 224 kidney disease patients, those who received eight hours of dialysis
    overnight  (while sleeping) had a 78% lower death rate than those who received conventional dialysis (four hours, three days
    weekly).  Theory:  Overnight dialysis patients are less likely to experience blood pressure drops, which can lead to complications.  
    As reported by: Ercan Ok, professor of internal medicine and nephrology, Ege University Hospital, Izmir, Turkey.  Click here for the
    article.  From Bottom Line Health, March 2009 issue.

    Also, check out these articles on the same topic of  night dialysis:
    "Nighttime Dialysis Improves Lives Of Some Kidney Patients" - Gazette.com.  Click here for the article.
    "Sleeping Through Dialysis: No Nightmare For Kidney Patients" - ScienceDaily.com.
     Click here for the article
    "Overnight Dialysis A Good Option For Dialysis Patients" - Inditop.com.  Click here for the article.
     And - great hope for the future of dialysis!  Check out this ground-breaking article,
    "Wearable Kidney May One Day Replace Dialysis" - U.S. News & World Report.  Click here for the article.

                                                                    *    *    *    *
    Alternative Treatment Options, such as Holistic - Homeopathic,  and Acupuncture

    There is an article that mentioned that those who have PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) may be helped by Flaxseed oil, For this
    article from the Natural Health Institute,  "Flaxseed Found To Help Kidney Health",  click here.  HOWEVER.....


    There are people out there that are opting for an alternative, perhaps holistic treatment to try to cure their kidney disease, hoping
    such treatment would cure them and result in their no longer being in need of a kidney

    This can be very dangerous and can worsen their condition.

    There is also an article promoting a vegetarian diet for those with kidney disease.  The article, is called,  "Vegetarian Diet Cuts
    Kidney Patients' Levels of Toxic Phosphorus."  Before anyone switches to a vegetarian diet, please discuss this with your doctor.  
    Generally, a vegetarian diet is the way to go for a large percentage of the population, but there may be exceptions, particularly for those
    who have certain diseases like kidney disease.  For those who are on dialysis, their diet is very restricted and limited, as those who are
    on dialysis know.

    In general, always consult with a health care professional before changing your diet or before starting any alternative
    treatment program.

                                                                    *    *    *    *


    (all from website, msnbc.com)



    SWAPS, WAY TO GO!   This lovely woman gets a kidney through a Swap - now helping others!

    Amanda Nathan of San Antonio, Texas recently hosted strangers from out of town at her home.   A woman from Wisconsin who was
    in need of a kidney needed a place to stay in San Antonio, as well as her friend who accompanied her, so she can be near the San
    Antonio hospital where she was going to register to receive a kidney through a swap.

    Amanda, who's home they stayed at,  had once got in touch with me about her needing a kidney.  Anyhow she ended up  getting a
    kidney through a 3 way swap at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in San Antonio.  Her friend who wasn't a match for
    her, donated a kidney to someone else in the swap, and in return someone donated a kidney to her!  Amanda is doing great.  Amanda
    had previous transplants and her antibodies was high, and as a result and it was difficult for her to find someone who was a match for
    her.  Swapping is the way to go for those who don't have anyone who is a match for them!  

    Amanda very highly recommends this hospital for those who want to join a swap program. Great story and video about this hospital
    that did over 50 swaps by now!  To see article/video about this hospital's swap program and about the doctor in charge of the swaps
    there, click on "Dr. Adam Bingaman, Kidney Matchmaker.

    By the way, Amanda is now a volunteer at this hospital, too!

                                                                                             *    *     *    *

         Open letter from the daughter of someone who got a kidney through the Alliance for Paired Donation:

    Hi everyone, Trish is in recovery following her under-four-hour kidney transplant surgery tonight at the University of Toledo Medical
    Center. Surgeon was Dr. Michael Rees, founder of the Alliance for Paired Donation (paireddonation.org) and the donor was a 41 year
    old woman from New Jersey whose husband received a transplant a couple weeks ago from another anonymous altruistic donor. The
    chain will continue when a match is found for Aunt Marcia, who, as Mom's "donor" through the paired matching program, will donate to
    someone else in need as a way to keep the "pay it forward" matching program going. After the kidney was removed from the donor, it
    flew to Detroit where it was transported to Toledo via i-75 - where it was stuck in a stop-and-go traffic jam. After being on ice for 11.5
    hours it was transplanted into Trish where it is now working well to rid her body of the toxins that have been building up for years.
    They've given her a steroid to assist with immunosuppression and should make her feel like a rockstar tomorrow but recovery will be a
    process - will learn all about anti-rejection drugs she'll need to take for the rest of her life tomorrow. Thank you all for the support, the
    encouragement, thoughts/prayers/well wishes/good vibes and all of it. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family.  
    Love, Emily

                                                                                              *     *      *      *  

    Best Hospitals for Kidney Disease  - US News & World Report article - click here.  Website:  www.usnews.com

    Personal note:  I think it is better that you consult with people who have kidney disease about their personal experience with hospitals
    and/or doctors, rather than go by any "Best Hospitals" list.  My personal experience and from what I hear from others - is that doctors and
    or hospitals that are on "Best" lists aren't necessarily always the best.   Also - sometimes you can get more personal attention and just as
    good doctors from smaller hospitals as well.   Personal recommendation from others who have a similar health situation to you and who
    have been happy with their doctor and/or hospital, can be the "best" recommendation.

    Need a Recommendation for a Hospital for a Kidney Transplant?

    I know many people who have had kidney transplants.  I can possibly put you in touch with some of these people.  Below  is a listing of
    hospitals of people I know of who have had kidney transplants.  Next to each hospital is a listing of the number of people whom I know
    of who have had kidney transplants at that particular hospital.  

                                                                                              *    *     *     *     

    St. Vincents Medical Center,- Los Angeles  (1)
    Cedars Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles (3)
    Scripps Memorial Hospital - San Diego (2)
    UCLA - Los Angeles (2)
    District of Columbia
    Georgetown University Medical Center - Washington (2)

    Jackson Memorial Hospital - Miami Beach  (5)
    John Hopkins - Baltimore (2)
    University of Maryland Medical Center - Baltimore  (2)       

    Massachussets General Hospital (2)

    University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview - Minneapolis (2)
    Mayo Clinic - Rochester (1)

    New Jersey  
    St. Barnabas -West Orange -  (2)

    New York
    Montefiore Medical Center - Bronx   (10+)
    Westchester Medical Center - Valhalla, NY  (4)
    New York Presbytarian - Columbia Presbytarian - New York City (10+)
    New York Presbytarian - Weill - Cornell Medical Center - New York City  (10+)
    SUNY/Downstate Medical Center - Brooklyn, NY (2)
    St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center - New York City (1)
    NYU Medical Center - New York City (1)
    Mt. Sinai Medical Center (4)

    North Carolina
    Wake-Forest University Baptist Medical Center - Winston Salem,(5)

    University of Ohio - Toledo (1)

    Einstein Medical Center - Philadelphia  (1)

    South Carolina
    Medical University of South Carolina - Charleston (1)

    Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital - San Antonio  (1)

    University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City (1)

    Beilinson/Rabin Medical Center - Petach Tikva  (11)
    Ichelov Medical Center - Petach Tikva (1)

    Personal note:  
    I had donated a kidney at Montefiore Medical Center, in New York. I know many people who had a kidney transplant at this hospital.  Dr.
    Stuart Greenstein, is  Professor of  Surgery, Kidney Transplant Surgeon at this hospital.  Everyone I know who has had a kidney
    transplant done by him, has only glowing words to say about this extraordinary, beloved surgeon.  I myself have not met such a special
    and caring doctor in my life.   People have even come from overseas to have a kidney transplant done by him.  To give you an example of
    what a special person he is, even when he goes on vacation to Israel, for example, he goes to visit his ex-patients!  What other doctor
    visits ex-patients when they are on vacation?  He also gives advise to others in need of a kidney, even if they don't intend to use him as a
    doctor!  I can put you in touch with people who have had kidney transplants done by him.  I am sure whomever you speak to, they will
    highly recommend Dr. Greenstein to be your kidney transplant surgeon. Dr. Greenstein was nominated as a Jewish Community Hero. To
    read about his nomination, click here.   Also, Pat McDonough is one of the kidney transplant coordinators at this hospital. She herself had
    donated a kidney!  She is great with both potential donors and people who are in need of a kidney.  She is a very informative and caring
    person!  They both helped make my kidney donation at that hospital an even greater experience!    Their hospital's website is: www.
                                                                                                                                                                - Chaya

    P.S.  I wrote a letter to their hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, praising them.  Click here to see a copy of that letter.
                                                                              *   *   *   *  *

         Amazing story from The Boston Globe:

    After having a 2nd kidney transplant, a young woman decided she wanted to give back and help others who are in need of a kidney.  
    So she decided to go to nursing school and recently graduated and plans on becoming a nurse at a dialysis center! Read her amazing
    story, click on "Two Kidney Transplants Led Graduate To Nursing."   Website:  www.boston.com

                                                                                                 *    *    *    *    *                                                                                            

                                               Blood Donation Drive?  Bone Marrow Drive?  
                                                                How about a Kidney Drive!

    May be a good idea, particularly for those who don't have anyone to test for them or no one to put in a kidney swap at their

    So, this can be great - to have a kidney drive (or a kidney donor drive), however, can be costly and most hospitals may not be willing to
    cover the expense of testing people who are considering kidney donation or may not want to cooperate at all!   But it may be worth trying
    and contacting a local hospital of a person who is in need of a kidney.   Also, if you hear of a community blood drive or bone marrow drive,
    find out from the organizers if they would be willing to do a kidney drive, in conjunction.  Obtaining a booth for a Kidney Drive at a Health
    Fair or some other events where one can rent a booth, can be another option.

    If a local Kidney Drive, can be done, suggestions:
    1.  Someone from a lab, or nurse, would need to be there to draw blood from those considering kidney donation.
    2.  Have a Kidney Transplant Surgeon  and/or Kidney Transplant Coordinator on hand talk, to those considering kidney donation.
    3.  Have people who have already donated a kidney, attend, so they can speak to others who are considering kidney donation.
    4.  Put out Information, flyers, booklets about kidney donation.
    5.  Show a video/documentary about kidney donation.
    6.  Have a "Kidney Donors" poster listing of those who have already donated a kidney. ("Kidney Donors Honor Roll" listing - perhaps,
    similar to one on the home page of this website.)
    7.  If possible have a raffle for a valuable prize, to draw people to such an event.
    8.  Offer refreshments.  And healthy ones!
    8.  Announce this event in community listings of local newspapers, which are usually free.  If you can afford an ad, even better!
    9.  See if a local newspaper or other media outlet would be willing to do a story on the person who is in need of a kidney or at least
    announce in their newspaper, or other media outlet about the event, other than just a community listing.

    * Important note:  If putting an ad in a newspaper for a Kidney Drive, perhaps mention in the ad that in order for people to donate a
    kidney, one needs to be in good health. And perhaps mention also a  BMI (Body Mass Index)  limit. Check with your transplant hospital to
    see what their BMI limit is for potential donors.  Some hospitals may say 30, others may say 35.  Note though:  Someone with a BMI of 30
    or over is considered obese and this is considered by some a higher risk for complications after kidney donation.  An obese person, as is,
    is a higher risk for many diseases.  Also, find out from your local hospital, the age range for someone who wants to donate a kidney.   
    Many hospitals may differ on this - that's why it is good to find out.

           More about a Kidney Drive, click on the Home Page of this website, under "newsletter"

                                                                      *   *    *    *   

    Helpful Websites:

  1. National Kidney Foundation   -  Website:  www.kidney.org
  2. Living Donors Online  - Website: www.livingdonorsonline.org
  3. Living Kidney Donors Network - "How do I ask someone to donate?  What is it really like to be a donor?"  Website: lkdn.org
  4. National Living Donor Assistance Center - This is a Federal program that provides financial assistanc  to those who want to donate an
    organ.  This has to be done through the hospital transplant division.  Website:  www.livingdonors assistance.org.
  5. UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing - Website:  www.unos.org
  6. Information on Kidney Transplantation - Website:  www.montefiore.org
  7. Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO)  - This organization is an international organization committed to improving
    the quality of life of transplant candidates, recipients, their families and the families of organ and tissue donors. One of the great services
    they have, is that they provide free travel for donors & recipients for pre-& post transplant.
  1. Novartis Transplant - This site can provide you with information and resources to guide you through you  transplant journey.    Website:
  2. The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) - This organization is a national non-profit organization founded by kidney
    patients for kidney patients.  They strive to educate and improve the health and well-being ofchronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, those
    on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplant recipient.   Website: www.aakp.org
  3. Transplant Experience -  They can help you get the most out of each day and help you be ready for what’sahead.  Website:  www.
  4. Transplant Living - Resourceful information for before, during and after a kidney transplant.   Website:  www.transplantliving.org.
  5. American Kidney Fund (AKF) -   800-638-8299 - Their mission is to fight kidney disease through direct financial support to patients in
    need; health education; and prevention efforts.  Website:  kidneyfund.org
  6. National Foundation for Transplants - helps patients overcome financial hurdles to their transplant.   Website:  www.transplants.org
  7. National Transplant Assistance Fund and Catastrophic Injury Program -  Assists transplant and catastrophic injury patients afford
    critical but uninsured medically related expenses through fundraising,guidance, patient support and resources,  as well as financial
    assistance.    Website:  www.transplantfund.org
  8. CareForce - Free Air Transportation service.  (281) 621-6626  (They may be very limited.)
  9. Air Care Alliance,  888-260-9707   Free air transportation services.  Clearinghouse for people who need medical transportation.  
    Website: www.aircareall.org
  10. Angel Flights 918-749-8992    Arranges free transportation to medical treatment.   Website: www.angelflight.com
  11. National Patient Travel Center - 800-296-1217 - Their purpose is to ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied  access to
    distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of long-  distance medical air transportation.  Website:
  12. Mercy Medical Airlift - 1-800-296-1217 - Helps those in need of medical transportation.   Website: www.mercymedical.org
  13. National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses Inc. - 800-542-9730.  This organization give referrals to free or low cost housing
    near medical facilities.  Features list of homes located in the US.   Website:  www.nahhh.org
  14. Miracle House - 212.989.7790. This organization provides temporary housing, meals and advocacy to caregivers and patients coming to
    New York City for critical medical treatment. Website: www.miraclehouse.org
  15. Renal Support Network - Website:  www.rsnhope.org
  16. Scientific Registry of  Transplant Recipients (SRTR) -    Website:  www.ustransplant.org
  17. One Pure Gift.org - Provides services for pre and post transplant patients, family, caregivers, and organ donors. Their main goal is to
    enrich their lives through emotional, physical, and financial support as well as  help  bring more awareness about organ donation to the
    local communities.   Website:  http://onepuregift.org

    Information on DVD:

    General Articles/News Stories:


Great, 3 part multimedia series, from the Star Ledger, New Jersey
"Kidney Donation 'Chain of Life' :  A Gift of Hope Unfolds"
- plus their great video -
"Chain of Life - Kidney Transplant Chain Helps Six Patients"
For articles and video.  Click here:
Woman receives kidney from a cadaver - still working after 42 years!
To read this story, click here:  "Britian's Longest Surviving Kidney Transplant Patient Celebrates Her 42nd Year"

For video information on  
Kidney Swaps/ Paired Exchanges
see the video:
"Kidney Swap Helps Overcome Donor Shortage"
To view the video, click hereo
Sons donate kidney to their mothers!

From the article,, "Mom Proud of 'Kidneys
For the article, click here.

Source:  New York Post -  May 3, 2010
Mom donated kidney to daughter

From article, "Mom, Daughter, Share
Story of Kidney Transplant"
 For the
click here

Source:  Wicked Local Essex (Essex,
Massachussets) - March 20, 2009
Son donated kidney to his mom.

From article, "A Kidney Felt Mother's Day
 For the article, click here.

Source:  Newstrib.com (North Central, (Illinois) -
May 8, 2010
Woman  donated kidney to her boyfriend

From article, "Girlfriend Donates Kidney
To Her Husband-To-Be"
 For the article,
click here.

Source:  Croytontoday.com (Uk) - May 9, 2010
Daughter donated kidney to her mother

From article, "Michala Qualls Donates A
Kidney To End Dialysis  For Her Mother,

Source:  Herald-Review.com- (Central illinois) -
May 9, 2010
Mother donated a kidney to her son 35
years ago!

From the article,  "90-Yr-Old Woman
Possibly Singapore's Longest & Oldest
Surviving Kidney Donor"
 For the article,
click here.

Source:   ChannelNewsAsia.com (Singapore) -
November 14, 2009
Sister-in-law, left, donated a kidney to her
brother-in-law, center.

From article, "Keeping it in the Family"  For
the article,
click here

Source:  Lancasteronline.com - (Pennsylvania)  -  
May  6, 2010
Sister donated a kidney to her brother, on
the right.

From article
, "After Kidney Transplant,
Garner Man Gets A Fresh Start"
 For the
click here

Source:  The Garner Citizen-  (North Carolina) -
June 8, 2010
Son Donates kidney  to father.

From article,
"Son Donates Life-Saving
Kidney To Father, Just In Time For
Father's Day "
 For the article, click here

Source:  The Republican - (Springfield,
Massachussets) .- June 19, 2010
Father, donated kidney to son, center, with

From article, "This Father Gave All To His
Children - Plus A Kidney"
 For the article,
click here

Source:  Ashville Citizen Times - (Ashville,
North Carolina)- June 20, 2010
8 Person Kidney Exchange/Swap
Back row - Kidney Donors
Front row- Kidney Recipients

From article, ''At UW Hospital, Four Kidney
Transplants In One Day And Eight People
Are Connected Forever''  
For the article,
click here.

Source:  Wisconsin State Journal - July 1, 2010
Wife of 42 years, donates kidney to

From article,
''The Perfect Match:  Nothing
Says Love Like A Kidney''  
For the article,

Source: Statesman.com - Austin, Texas - July 5,
72 year old California woman, donated a

From the article,  "Resident Feels Great
After Giving Kidney To Stranger"  
For the
click here

Source:  The Desert Sun - Palm Springs, California.
- July 8, 2010
Nephew donates kidney to Aunt

From the article,
''S. Fla. Man Gives Aunt The
Gift Of Life''  
For the article, click here

Source:  CBS4, -South  Florida  - July 21, 2010
Man, right, donated a kidney to his brother,
30 years ago!

From the article, ''The Greatest Gift: Brothers
Celebrate 30-Year Anniversary Of
Life-Saving Donation''.
For the article, click

Source:  CT Post.com - Bridgeport,
Connecticut - August 1, 2010
Donated kidney to a friend (and a  former

From article, "Kidney Transplant Cements
Women's Friendship  
For the article, click

Source ClarionLedger.com -
(Jackson/Hattiesburg,Mississippi) - May 8, 2010:  
Kidney from his sister, so far lasting 40

From the article, "Thanks Big Brother!
Man's Donor Kidney Fom Sibling Still Going
Strong After 40 Years.
 For article, click

Source:  Daily Mail Reporter, UK - August 24, 2010
Bride gives husbnd kidney!  

From article, "Bride Gives Love, Then A
For the article, click here

Source:  Omaha World Herald - August 25, 2010 -
Omaha, Nebraska
Kidney doctor donated a kidney to his wife.

From article,
"Kidney Doctor Donates
Kidney To Help Wife"  
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Source:  WBZ38 (CBS) - Boston,
Massachussets.  - September 21, 2010
"UCSF Unveils Model For
Implantable Artificial Kidney
To Replace Dialysis"
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Nurse donates a kidney to her co-worker.

From the article, "Tampa General Nurse
Donates Kidney To Co-Worker Who Needs
Transplant"  For the article,
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Source:  St. Petersburg Times - Tampa, Florida -
November 17, 2010
World's largest kidney swap!  16 kidney
donors & kidney recipients!  Transplants
took place at Georgetown University
Medical Center, Washington DC
Woman on the right, donated a kidney to
her neighbor!

From the article, "Franklin Woman Donates
Kidney To Her Neighbor"  
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Source:  The Milford Daily News - Milford,
Massachussets - November 30, 2010
Man, on the right, donated a kidney to his

From the article, "Kidney Donor Saved A  
Life, Improved His Own".  
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Source: Los  Angeles Times - Los Angeles, CA -
December 14, 2010
Woman on the  right, donated a kidney to her

From the article:
 "Gift of Life - Best Friend in
Need, is a Best Friend Indeed"
.  For the
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Source:  Telegram & Gazette -  Worcester,
Masachussets - December 20, 2010
67 year old woman, left, donated a kidney to
her cousin.

From the article,
"Kidney Donation Deepens
Cousins' Strong Bond"
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Source:  Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinal -
December 31, 2011

Sister who donated a kidney to her brother,
30 years ago!

For the story,
"A 30 Year Gift That Keeps
On Giving"
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Source:  WBOC16/FOX 21 - Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia - December 31, 2010
Mother donates a kidney to her adopted

For the article,
“Match Made in Heaven:
Millstadt Mom Donates Kidney to Adopted
, click here.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat - Belleville,
Illinois - January 16, 2011
Woman on the right, donated a kidney to
her close pal through swap!

From the article, “Friend Donates Kidney In
Swap-Op To Close-Pal”
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Source: Oxford Mail -;Oxford, UK - February 3,
Daughter donates kidney to her father

From the article,"Eglinton Woman
Donates Father Her Kidney"  
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Source:  BBC News, Northern Ireland - March
10, 2011
73 year old man, donates kidney to his

From the article, "Meet The Man Who
Became A Kidney Donor at 73 To Save The
Life Of His Nephew"  For the article,
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Source:  Mail Online- UK - May 2, 2011
Man from the USA  who received a transplant 40 years ago from a living donor -doing great!
To read his story,  click here:  "Medical Miracle: Kidney Transplant Has Lasted 40 Years And Going Strong"
Donated kidney to husband

From article, "Match Made In Heaven."  
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Source:  Wiliminton News Journal (Wlimington,
Ohio) -  October 30, 2011
Transplant surgeon, donates a kidney to
his mother

From article, "Transplant Surgeon
Becomes First Ever To Donate His Own
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Source:  Daily Mail - UK -  December 21, 2011
Are you DISABLED because of your Kidney Disease?
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two types of benefits available for people disabled by illness. Kidney transplants
could potentially qualify you for either one.  For more information,
 click here
Eliyon, a father of 5 from Jerusalem,
donated a kidney to someone an
incompatible blood type at Cedars Sinai
hospital in December 2015.  Transplant
was very successful!  Eliyon was blood
type AB and his recipient was blood
type B.   Eliyon is Chaya's nephew - who
runs this website